Elite Rotary in Schaumburg, Illinois has been providing a wide variety of parts and services for our clients’ rotary-powered engines. From simple tune-ups and maintenance to full engine rebuilds and frame off restorations, we make sure your car is always ready to go.

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To deliver quality customer service, we believe having experience and knowledge is necessary. This is why our elite team members undergo rigorous testing. Not only can they rebuild an engine, but they also constantly educate themselves to keep up with new, changing parts.



When you need a specific part for your car, we know you need to get it in a timely manner. When you order from us, our parts will be on their way within one to three business days.


By far one of the best customer service I have experienced when it comes to mechanic shops. My car arrived there barely even able to run and left running like a brand new car. The amount of power it has now is astonishing. To be honest, it took me a few minutes to actually get used to it again. They did amazing work, great turn around time for all the problems the car had, and I can say now has a true rotary engine. This is what a rotary is supposed to feel like. Absolutely love it!!

– John F Illinois

Had a compression check on my Rx-8 first thing in the morning. Rita was very accommodating, even offering me a plate for me to eat my McD's I brought in for the wait. Sam even put on a movie for me, but it was just ambience as we spoke the whole time. He educated me on my car and how he runs the business. I had them replace my plugs too--it was time anyways, the plugs weren't ridiculously overpriced, and still too cold outside for me to do myself--and he gave me my old plugs. His guys even found that I had a missing bolt on my motor mount, after the fact I had clutch replacement at the dealership months ago. I left completely satisfied with a sense of trust, and I would come back again to have them overhaul my motor.

– Randy Estllier

Best rotary shop you will ever find. Elite has attention to detail, Quality parts, and amazing customer service. This has been verified throughout the world, of their service and quality, Elite has truly become a one stop shop. They are currently building my FB 13brew swap and big boost, and the work completed thus far is amazing!

– Josh L